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In Loving Memory

Dear Patients.

It is with deep sadness and heavy hearts that we inform you of the death of our colleague and friend, Beverley McCheyne, who passed away on Thursday 15th September. Beverley was a valued and caring member of our nursing team and will be greatly missed by both colleagues and patients of Long Bennington Medical Centre.

Your compassion is appreciated at this time.

NHS 111 phishing alert

We have been informed that cyber criminals are using 'NHS 111' as a cover for a scam.
The cyber criminals are calling in the early hours of the morning (sometimes as early as 3am) claiming to be 'NHS 111' and asking to speak to xxxx (patient's name). The cyber criminal then says they have had a call from them and are calling back to offer assistance.

They will ask questions i.e. the patient's date of birth, address, if they live alone, etc.
This is called 'phishing' so that they may build a profile of a person and then use the details to obtain other information which they can then use to access bank accounts etc.

If you or receive a call from someone claiming to be from 'NHS 111' and have not called 'NHS111' you are advised to hang up.



On Tuesday 17th May 2022 at 07:30am we are launching a NEW online consultation service. We will be moving to a new user-friendly consultation service called AccuRx which will replace our current AskmyGP system.

The way you book routine telephone, face to face appointments or order your repeat prescriptions will not be changing; this will still be done through System Online or by contacting a member of our Reception Team.

The new AccuRx service will be for requesting appointments that may require attention sooner than the next available routine appointment. Additional requests such as Doctors letters, referral updates and test results can also be submitted through AccuRx, which will be actioned by our Administration and Reception Teams.

You will be able to access AccuRx through our website. Accessing the new system couldn’t be easier, you do not require any login for AccuRx, simply log in with your full name, date of birth plus a contact number and submit your request.

Medical queries will be taken from 07:30am to 10:30am (Monday to Friday). Administration queries will be taken from 07:30am to 12:30pm (Monday to Friday). More information about how you are able to access AccuRx will be published shortly.

Please see a short tutorial on how to use AccuRx here

A SMS and letter has been sent to all patients today to explain this change. To view the letter please click here:AccuRx Patient Letter

Thursday 24th March - SHORT STAFFED

Our GP and Practice Team are working hard to care for you. We are however experiencing staff absences at short notice. This can make it difficult to provide a normal level of service for you including: longer call waiting times, increased turnaround times for prescriptions, and availability of on the day GP appointments.
If you have a minor illness, please consider accessing help in other ways including our local community pharmacies. If you are unable to wait for an appointment and need medical help please use the NHS 111 service or our local Urgent Treatment Centre at Newark.

Waiting for your outpatient appointment

UPDATE 03.02.22

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a big impact on the NHS. In Lincolnshire, we are working hard to tackle the backlog of patients whose care has been impacted by the pandemic. We need to do this whilst also keeping our patients safe. Please see below a link to the latest update about the referral process.

Waiting for your outpatient appointment during the COVID-19 Pandemic - United Lincolnshire Hospitals (

If you have been referred to hospital and are waiting to be seen as an outpatient or inpatient, and your symptoms deteriorate, you should contact the hospital that you have been referred to.

Monday 31st January 2022 - SHORT STAFFED

UPDATE 31.01.22

Due to unforeseen circumstances we are short staffed today. We are therefore only able to take urgent same day requests for Doctors today only. If your request is not urgent, we would like to ask for you to contact us again tomorrow. 
If you need medical help quickly and easily without the wait, please use the NHS 111 service who can offer booked appointments at your local Urgent Treatment Centre helping to avoid delays.

Major Incident - United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust

UPDATE 12.01.22

United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust has declared a major incident across its sites, as a result of the ongoing severe pressures on their urgent and emergency services at two of our hospital sites (Lincoln County Hospital and Grantham and District Hospital), alongside an additional and unrelated problem occurring with their water supply, which has caused further disruption.

The public information statement on this can be found here Update on pressures affecting ULHT services - United Lincolnshire Hospitals 

The quality and safety of patient care is ULHT’s number one priority and they are working closely with partners across the county to maintain services.

Their emergency departments remain open for all emergency care and anyone requiring urgent care should continue to access these services. A&E remains open as usual but is exceptionally busy so they are asking people to only attend A&E with serious or life threatening illnesses and to seek alternative support for on-going problems or minor injuries.

Covid-19 Boosters

UPDATE 22.12.21

The NHS in Lincolnshire is asking everyone aged over 18 who is eligible to please come forward and get their Covid-19 booster now - don't delay!


Omicron is a real threat to all of us and getting boosted is the best way to protect you and your family. We’re also urging people who’ve only had one vaccination so far, or possibly none at all, to come forward as quickly as possible. Visit or call 119 to find out how.


ICE WARNING - please take care on footpaths and roads

UPDATE 22.12.21

The footpaths and roads in the village and the Medical Centre are icy today. We have been out and gritted, but please take care when visiting us. The footpath is especially icy where the water runs off the gardens next to us. Please cross either in front or beyond that area in particular.

Stay safe everyone.

Urgent update - We can only take URGENT requests

UPDATE 15.12.21

Over the last 12 months the GP Practices in South West Lincolnshire have worked together to provide one of the most active Covid-19 local vaccination centres in the Country. In a year we have given quarter of a million first, second and booster doses of this life-saving vaccine.

We were asked recently to step up further and offer all adults in our area, and many from beyond, a booster vaccination before the end of January, we stepped up.

As cases of the Omicron variant double every 2-3 days we have now been asked by NHS England to step up even further and vaccinate more people each day than we have ever done before for the next 3 weeks and again we will do that.

We are going to need your help to do this though. The healthcare professionals giving the vaccine have mostly been doing this on top of their day job in general practice and to allow us to do more we must make this final push our priority.

Until the New Year we are going to have to cancel some routine appointments at all local GP Practices and we are going to ask you only to approach our Practice if you feel that your care need is urgent and cannot wait 3 weeks, or that you cannot get that help from elsewhere such as a local pharmacy.

If you feel your need is urgent then please still approach us in the usual way through askmyGP, we are here to help. If we feel that your healthcare need can safely wait then we will tell you and ask you to come back in the New Year, please accept this.

We don’t take this decision lightly but without taking these measures now it is possible that the Omicron variant of Covid-19 could overwhelm our local services and you can help us now to protect the NHS and protect those who are at greatest risk.

Please do not contact the Practice regarding the Covid-19 Booster, we will contact you. You will be given an opportunity to book online or via the telephone and it is incredibly important that you take up that offer.

These measures are short-term, we are doing this with the full support of NHS England and Lincolnshire CCG to put up our best defence for you and your loved ones.

Thank you.

Flu Clinics

UPDATE 30.9.2021 - Flu clinic for under 65’s 

We will shortly be inviting patients to book their flu vaccination via a link to either their phones (SMS text message) or their email, whichever is the recorded preferred method of contact.

Our first clinics will be on Thursday 7th October 07.30am – 9.30am and Friday 8th October 16.30 -19.00.   We will initially only receive 300 vaccines due to the issues that the manufacturers have had with freight challenges.    We ask that patients wait until they receive an invitation and don’t ring Reception to book an appointment.

We ordered our vaccine in January for delivery in September.   When we ordered the vaccine we did so on the basis that we were vaccinating the at risk 18-64 patients cohort.   We then were advised some months later that we would also be responsible for vaccinating the 50-64 patient cohort again and tried to order an appropriate amount.   We were advised at the time of ordering that there was a limit of 250 vaccines per practice.    We have therefore ordered what we could.   Unless we are allowed at some stage to order more there clearly won’t be enough to cover both groups sufficiently.   We therefore are going to prioritise the 18-64 at risk cohort. 

We don’t know exactly when our deliveries will be made and we have been advised not to arrange clinics until we have received a delivery note.   Our current delivery note tells us that we will receive a portion of our original order on 4th October and are sincerely hoping that the manufacturer honours this and we can go ahead with our planned clinics.

Our 18-64 at risk cohort is larger than the 300 vaccines we are due to receive and we will randomly select patients from the various at risk groups in order to try to be as fair as we can.    We know that this is not ideal and if we had our way we would have had our full order and gone ahead with the clinics we had planned for this weekend.    We are unfortunately having to work around issues that have not been of our making and hope that you will be understanding whilst we do our best to get as many of you vaccinated as we can.

We ask that you are patient and wait for us to send your invitation.  Please don’t ring Reception as we need to keep lines free for patients with medical queries. 

Many thanks for your understanding, we do appreciate it.

 The team at LBMC

We have been advised that some of our original delivery will now arrive on 4 October at some point.  We are therefore planning to hold a clinic for the over 65's on Saturday 9 October and will get this set up by doing the following:

Over 65 and already booked - We have transferred everyone who was already booked into this clinic over to the new clinic on 9th October and these patients do not need to do anything other than arrive on 9th at the time they were originally given. 

Over 65 and not yet booked - we are working on implementing a new system whereby those patients signed up to receive text messages will receive a text message from us with a link.  If patients click on the link it will take them to a tab where their date of birth needs entering.   This will then take them to the next tab where the clinic times are available for patients to book their own appointment without having to ring Reception.     This system is very new to us and we are testing it out so please bear with us.  

If you are turning 65 between now and 31 March you will still need to contact us to book an appointment as we haven't yet got to grips with the finer details of the system and apologise for this.    We hope to sort this out as soon as possible.

Under 65's -  please bear with us - we have not forgotten you!   

We will only receive some of our original order on 4th October and we are now working with our Practice Nurses on where we can hold some evening clinics here at the Practice.  We hope to have these set up by the end of the week if we can.   Once again we are trying to introduce a new remote booking service to save you from having to ring us to book your appointment.    When we originally booked our order it was on the basis that we would be vaccinating the at risk 18-64 year patients first and then the over 50's.  We have since been advised that everyone over 50 is eligible and therefore clinics will be open to all on a first come first served basis.   We are expecting a further delivery towards the middle of October and will have further clinics set up once we know we have our vaccine.   

We would like to thank you for your patience.

Urgent Update - Blood tests and Global shortage with equipment

We are advised that the situation is slightly better however we are not seeing this in Primary Care.  We are still struggling to get hold of what we need and are therefore still not able to resume a normal service.   As soon as things improve we will let you know.

We have been advised by NHS England that there is a national shortage of the blood test bottles used by GP practices throughout the country.  They have advised that we must stop all non urgent blood tests until at least 17 September.   Anyone who needs a test for urgent health problems (we have been given the criteria for this by NHS England)  will still get one but where a clinician recommends that it is safe to do so.  All routine blood tests will be cancelled until further notice.   As we are not sure exactly when the situation will be resolved we cannot give an exact date when blood tests will resume.    Please be assured however, if your condition or symptoms require a more urgent test, your GP will advise the team and we will arrange one for you.

The situation is beyond our control and we apologise for any inconvenience and would like to thank you for your understanding.  We will advise patients as soon as we are able to resume a normal service. 

Practice Newsletter:

Please find a link to our latest practice newsletter here:Practice Newsletter- July/August 2021

National Data Opt-Out - for further information follow this link: Data Choices

Coronavirus - for up to date information click HERE

Dementia patients - information for patients waiting for a memory assessment appointment:

Click here for more information

GP Patient Survey


Some patients registered at this GP practice have taken part in a national survey about their experiences of local NHS services.  It covers issues that concern patients, such as access to care and satisfaction with treatment.  

Your response will help NHS England improve GP practices and other local NHS services to they better meet your needs.

Your views can help improve local GP and Health Services.  Please click on this link to find out more: 

Here is the link to the results of the 2021 survey: GP Patient Survey - Analysis Tool (

Staff Training

We put great emphasis on recruiting suitably skilled and motivated staff who will help us in delivering the best care possible for our patients.  After initial induction and training in their individual roles e.g. reception or dispensing we then have whole practice training events between1.30pm and 4.30pm once a month on a Tuesday.  These meetings allow us the opportunity to reflect on the services that we provide, to consider how we can meaningfully interpret and implement NHS innovations and reforms, to learn from situations where we feel that we could have done better (using a tool knows as Significant Event Audit) and to provide generic staff training.  Although the Practice will still be accessible, to enable the doctors and staff to keep up to date the practice will not have any routine clinics or appointments between 3.30pm and 4.30pm on the following date: Tuesday 11th January 2022  

Dispensary Services click HERE

Extended Access Appointments

We are pleased to be able to now offer patients access to routine, pre-booked appointments at evenings and weekends.  Extended hours run between 18:30 and 20:00 weekdays and 9:00 and 12:00 Saturday and Sunday are are also available on bank holidays and across Easter, Christmas and New Year periods.

Appointments are for pre-bookable, non-urgent consultations with GPs and Nurses and Physiotherapists. For more information open this document:

Extended Access Information

GDPR, Privacy Notice

On 25 May 2018 the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect.  Here is a copy our updated which includes information on how we use and protect your personal information, and your rights relating to this:

LBMC Privacy Notice

Latest Healthwatch Lincolnshire Information

Please click here for the latest Healthwatch Lincolnshire Newsfeed Posts from Healthwatch Lincolnshire . The launch of their new website Healthwatch makes it easier for you to have your say about the future of your local NHS.

Domestic Violence

If you are a victim of domestic abuse or know someone who is Lincolnshire Police and EdanLincs have produced a 2.5 minute long video - you can access it here: Domestic Violence - It's Not Ok!

Chaperone Policy

It is Long Bennington Medical Centre’s policy to respect the dignity and privacy of its patients. If you wish to have a chaperone present during a physical examination or consultation, or if you would like to be examined by a health professional of the same gender as yourself, please let us know and we will do our best to comply with your wishes. The chaperone in attendance may be another health professional (Nurse, Healthcare Assistant) or a member of our Reception team who has successfully completed their Chaperone training. If you do not wish a Receptionist to act as your Chaperone please let us know and again, we will do our best to comply with your wishes.

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